Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What is Fabulous?

This is a blog all about bringing fabulousness into your world for way less more money that you’re used to spending. I’ll be showing you ways to get more for less, how to make yourself and surroundings special and unique, techniques for putting and keeping more cash in your wallet and methods for maximizing what you already have.

But what is FABULOUS? Good question. Fabulous is anything that makes you happy, makes you look good, makes you smile. It can be anything from a funky pair of shoes to an elegant dinner. Maybe you really love a good cheese. I’ll help you find one you can afford. Perhaps you’re in the market for something to spark up your bedroom (no – not a new mate – sorry) or bring out your best side for that interview you have lined up.

This is going to be a site that brings you information you can use to improve your life and your bank account.  Stay tuned for lots and lots of pictures, a gazillion ideas and good clean fun.

See you around the social media hood!

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