Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fabulous Entertainment on the Cheap

There are lots of opportunities for a good time at less than retail – or even free – enough to cut your entertainment budget in half or more. 

I do not have a television but I do have a personal DVD player, which I use all the time. Have you rented any DVD’s lately? Even at the very low Red Box price of $1.29 – it adds up, even if you’re just watching one a day; plus good luck even finding a new DVD to watch every day. I discovered my local library four years ago, and visit twice a week. It’s rare I can’t find several things I want to watch, including movies, documentaries and PBS television series; all of this for free. I average 3 Red Box movies a month, so as I calculate it, I’m saving about $30 a month just by using my library.

Have you taken yourself to the park lately? This is an especially great thing to do if you are an artist or writer. I get the best ideas while lazing around in the grass. I pack a picnic lunch, several bottles of water, my folding lounge chair and often I take along my computer. Again, this is FREE.
If you can land a gig as a movie reviewer for your community paper or even as an online reviewer of events and local eateries, you can get passes or reimbursed for your expenses. I did movie reviews long ago and found it a blast.  If this appeals to you, just send an email and see what happens.

Most cities have a free day for the local museums every month. Check it out. You may find that there are museums in your town you didn't even know about.

Locally, I can spend an entire day beside the American River, playing, sunbathing and even swimming, for a mere $10 at the nearby state park. This is less than it would cost me to go to the movies for two hours at most offered showings.

Speaking of movies, my favorite theater offers first showings for $2 less than the regular admission rate and even Senior Mondays, when all shows all day are just $5.75 for those who are 62 or older.

So, get creative. Look around and find a way to have a fabulous day at a great savings.

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